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Artes & Crafts

Our Wicca, Witchcraft And Pagan Store

At Artes & Crafts, we steadfastly, obdurately, and pugnaciously refuse to be just another New Age shop.

We are proudly a Pagan, Metaphysical, Mysticism, Occult, and Wicca Store.

Unique & Handmade Witchcraft Supplies

Paul and Pat have been practicing pagans for more decades than they care to say. Although our wares have a price, our advice and expertise is free. We welcome all paths and have regular Jewish, Christian, and pagan customers. Pat is a member of the Parliament of All Religions, and we have respect for all faiths.

We retired from the corporate world to focus on our shop and create a community center for Michiana Pagans.

Our careers did, at least, make it possible for us to travel all over the world. We have seen many beautiful stores and products from all over and had long wish list of everything to include in ours.

Our store is a bazaar of the very best, gathered from places such as the wonderfully esoteric Glastonbury, Cornwall, the east and west coasts of the coast and the pagan markets of Mexico, and more.

We also traveled all over the fair state of Michigan, visiting pagan festivals and conferences. Our local community is vital to us. Our shop is a community resource. We host workshops and rituals. We also have several consulting rooms for readings, massage, Reiki, and more. Supporting our store directly benefits the pagan community of Michigan. We also provide alternative spiritualties with a common space to learn about each other in the name of tolerance

Artes & Crafts

Handmade Ritual Weapons

Our tools and adornments are handcrafted from gathered Michigan materials. We have our forge and woodwork shop, which offers ritual weapons, handmade by experts observing the necessary correspondences and times. We ship our pagan supplies all over the USA.

We support North American Pagan artisans. We have unique, handmade products from about 40 vendors in our store. These include jewelry, ritual tools, aromatherapy ointments, oils, soaps, also home decor, adornments, spell kits, candles, and much more. We have a vast selection of crystals, herbs, essential oils, incense, tarot, and oracle decks.

Raw Incense Ingredients

We cover the daily crucial ritual pagan supplies everyone needs and also those items which are rare and required for specific purposes and hard to find.

We will be able to provide witchcraft supplies, not only to a beginner but also those supplies which are for a seasoned practitioner and expert. We carry a range of raw incense ingredients and herbs, including live plants, as well as our brand of incense blends and anointing oils.

Artes & Crafts

Pagan, Witchcraft And Occult Books And Tarot

We stock over 1000 specialist titles and over 325 tarot and oracle decks. We import highly sought after publishers from England.. Including Scarlet Imprint, Avalonia Press, Troy Books and many more.

Artes & Crafts