A Deal – Court Jester series – Save a dollar per bottle



Hand made by skilled initiates for practitioners everywhere… Luna Ignis incense blends use the very finest resins, herbs and woods from all over the world. Each is designed for a specific intent, using cabalistic and traditional correspondences to ensure the ingredients perfectly align.

Our complete series of our popular blends designed by Pat based on the Danny Kaye “Court Jester” movie… These are some of our most complex blends

Chalice From The Palace – Is balance in all things… Frankincense for the Sun, Copal for the Moon, Benzoin for Venus, Dragons Blood for Mars… Perfect for harmony and restoring balance.

Vessel With The Pestle – The naughty twin of Chalice From The Palace… For when you want to be out of balance! Dark and lusty, passionate, wild!

Flagon With The Dragon – An excitation blend! Its like a strong cup of coffee in an incense blend.. Use this to raise energy and get up and go! Perfect for getting things done!

Get all three for $1 off the standard price of each!


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