A Deal – Elemental Series 5 for 4



Hand made by skilled initiates for practitioners everywhere… Luna Ignis incense blends use the very finest resins, herbs and woods from all over the world. Each is designed for a specific intent, using cabalistic and traditional correspondences to ensure the ingredients perfectly align.

Our complete series of Elemental Blends! SPIRIT, FIRE, WATER, AIR AND EARTH! Get all five for the price of Four!

Gnomes Treasure is our elemental blend for EARTH. Burn it for grounding, strength, tenacity and stoicism. It has also been created with Money Attracting ingredients – so burn to bring forth prosperity! Black Frankincense Neglecta and Black Myrrh – which smell divinely earthy.. Patchouli leaf and oils… Money attracting herbs and finished with mead!

Salamanders Flame is our elemental blend for FIRE. Burn it for passion, creativity, will, drive, inspiration! Uplifting and inspiring! Dragons Blood, fine Frankincense, Galangal, Laurel, Saff and Marigold flowers… and a few more secret ingredients…

Undines Kiss is our elemental blend for Water… Undines are the elementals of water. It is calming and soothing, perfect for understanding the watery side of your nature and for all works of magic with the element of water. Copal and Guggul are the main resins, with fine Aloes Wood and herbs scared to water.

Sylphs Breath is our elemental blend for Air! Burn it for focus and clarity. Use it when you need to plan ahead or make crucial decisions! Balsum Of Tolu, Gum Dammar and storrax are the main resins, Palo Santo, Several Sandalwood and Aloes wood are added, finished with citrus herbs and oils.

Spirits Essence is our blend for quintessence.. Burn to balance and combine the four elements and parts of yourself! Burn to contact the inner divine!


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