Alexandria 4



The Cosmic Religious Feeling by Albert Einstein
Science and Religion by Albert Einstein
Science and the Beautiful by Werner Heisenberg
Soul and the World: A Conversation with Thomas Moore and Suzi Gablik
Retrieving an Ancient Ecology & Art by Christopher Castle
Deep Form in Art and Nature by Betty and Theodore Roszak
Ecomorphology & Art by Gordon Onslow Ford
Two Poems by Betty Roszak
Cosmology, Ethics, and the Practice of Relatedness: A Conversation on Philosophy, the Patterns of Nature, and the Ways of Knowing by David Fideler
Cultivating Ecological Design Intelligence by Stuart Cowan
Neoplatonism and the Cosmological Revolution: Holism, Fractal Geometry, and Mind in Nature by David Fideler
Egos, Angels, and the Colors of Nature by Robert D. Romanyshyn
The Contemporary Christian Platonism of A. H. Armstrong by Jay Bregman
The Theology of the Invisible by Bruce Nelson
The World Religions and Ecology by Joseph Milne
The Information War by Hakim Bey
Philosophical Counseling by Kathleen Damiani
Novelty, the Stop, and the Advent of Conscience by David Appelbaum
Life, Lindisfarne, and Everything: William Irwin Thompson Speaks OutJung and the Myth of the Primordial Tradition by Andrew Burniston
The Lost Spirit of Hellenic Philosophy by Christos Evangeliou
Drinking with the Muses by Thomas Willard
Claiming a Liberal Education by Stephen Rowe
How to Host a Philosophical Banquet by Plutarch
Words of the God: Ancient Oracle Traditions of the Mediterranean World by Lee Irwin
Hermeticism and the Utopian Imagination by John Michael Greer


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