Amethyst Gem Quality LARGE 3.5inch sphere AMAZING



Our range of large high quality crystal spheres…

We prefer to import crystals directly from the mining company. We just started working with a mine in Brazil! This cuts out all the middle men and re-sellers that add mark up to crystals.

This is top shelf, gem quality Amethyst. The pictures do not do it justice. Deeply colored but also transparent, you can literally see the crystal structure inside. Its not cheap, sorry, but the price reflects the quality… And if this were being sold by stores that buy from Gem Shows or re-sellers then the price would be at least $100 more!


Approx 3.5 inches in diameter. 1 kilo in weight!

As with all natural products and true gems there will be small flaws and imperfections… Its one of the ways you know they are real… Flawless crystals tend to be man enhanced or man made.

The stand is not included… There is a large range of sphere stands available in the Sphere Stands section.


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