Angel Prayers



Angels are divine messengers and celestial intermediaries that intervene between humankind and God. They take our heartfelt prayers to God and deliver God’s divine power directly to our consciousness to help us and support our specific needs.

Angel Prayers is an extraordinary collection of specialized divine angel prayers and inspirational messages that can significantly help to bless us in all areas of our unique life experience. God has assigned His holy angels to help us fulfill every conceivable human need and wholesome desire within our hearts and souls. All we have to do is ask!

Angel Prayers will introduce you to many of God’s angels and help you:

Amplify divine love and light within you—exactly what you need to help empower yourself.
Realign you with the divine flow of abundance.
Receive divine spiritual assistance in your life.
Overcome persistent health issues and life’s challenges.
Increase the radiant joy of your soul.
These angelic prayers have been divinely designed to help you consciously achieve a greater harmonic resonance and realignment with God. Your work with these prayers will enable you to greatly increase the quantity and speed of God’s divine power in your consciousness and life.


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