Ash Keppen Carved With Waist


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Ash was often used for spear shafts or handles for weapons. Hence Ash can be also seen to be ‘checking the powers of peace’ as above in the Word Ogams of Morann Mac Main. In this sense, application of force to destiny may bring peace through resolution of a conflict – which would be seen as healing. The English name Ash may have been derived from the Anglo-Saxon word Asec which is the name for a ritualistic spear. The name Nuin or Nin, literally means letters in the Celtic languages.

Ash cannot be mentioned without making reference to its related symbolism as the World Tree, which spans between worlds vertically from the waters of Annwn ( the lower world ), Abred ( this world ), Gwynvid ( Upperworld ) and finally into Ceugant. In this manner it symbolizes the Cosmic Axis of the universe, as the central column or conduit spanning through the many levels of realms and realities. In this sense, it could be seen as the spine or backbone of the universe, or the central column of the tree of life, with many branches leading into the upperwordly realms and many roots in the lower worlds. Symbolically, it is interesting to consider our own incarnations as individual leaves upon this tree – the leaf that falls and returns to the roots to nourish the tree, in terms of the cycles of death and rebirth.

Ash is also important in Ceremonial Magick and Crowley’s Thelema… “Sap of the World Ash, wonder tree”

Ash is hard to find now, its has been decimated by the invading Ash Borer Beetle. I gathered our supply of Ash from a trip to the eat coast at Midsummer in 2015. As also I gathered responsibly, the tree was blessed and thanked and I only took what I needed using sharp tree nips to prevent infection. After seasoning, This wand was carved and shaped to preserve both the beauty of the bark and wood, sanded to a 400 super fine grit it shines as if varnished. These keppens should be used for all solar magick workings. This keppen has been oiled and consecrated with Luna Ignis oil and incense suitable for the Forest God.


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