Black Obsidian Small Sphere 2.5 inch S2



Our range of large-high-quality crystal spheres…

We went in January 2020 to the Queretero region in Mexico, which is famous for its obsidian, Amethyst, Fire Opals, and Calcite. We hand-selected about 16 black obsidian spheres to bring home! Of which this is one!

Black obsidian is THE perfect sphere for scrying! Pretty! Also an important stone of protection and warding!

Approx 2.5 inches in diameter.

As with all-natural products and true gems there will be small flaws and imperfections… It’s one of the ways you know they are real… Flawless obsidian and quartz tend to be man enhanced or man made.

S2 means Small Number 2, You get EXACTLY the sphere you see in the pic, so each sphere is labeled with a sticker underneath. We are not like some retailers where the sphere in the pic is not the same as the one you get!

The stand is not included… There is a large range of sphere stands available in the Sphere Stands section.


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