Blackthorn Keppen 2 From England


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The fearsome Blackthorn is used in traditional witchcraft for cursing/blasting/turning and so is sacred to Saturn. Use it to repel or return curses or deal punishment against someone who is deserved of some retribution. Wounds from the blackthorn tree take a long while to heal, its also a tree strongly linked with faerie lore. Our blackthorn is gathered by us from the wonderful Southwest of England (Cornwall) which we visit once a year. We gather it from up on the high moors of Penwith and The Lizard – ancient places of stone circles and witchcraft. Keppens are mini wands – they come from Traditional English Witchcraft – they are easily concealed in the palm of the hand or carried in the pocket or purse – and so are very portable and perfect for working magick in public without being noticed. Our keppens are hand carved and then sanded with 8 grades of sandpaper – the final being 400 grit which is used for fine furniture making, the wood shines as though polished and varnished. All our keppens are consecrated with Luna Ignis Oils and Incense suitable for the god/goddess the wood is sacred to – in this case Hex incense and Hecate Oil.

Approx 4 inches.


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