Blodeuwedd, Celtic Goddess of spring, and the wife of Lleu, son of Arianrhod. She was created by the great magicians Math and Gwydion to be Lleu’s partner, in response to a curse pronounced by his mother that he would never have a wife from any race then on the Earth. They fashioned Blodeuwedd from flowers (broom, Meadowsweet, and Oak) and breathed life into Her. She proved treacherous to Lleu, and She and Her lover Gronw Pebyr plotted against him, grievously wounding the otherwise invulnerable Lleu by tricking him into the only pose in which he could be harmed. Blodeuwedd was punished for this by being transformed into the night-bird, the owl, though She kept her name–in Welsh, blodeuwedd, meaning “Flower-face”, is a name for the owl.


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