Brigid Statue in Wood Finish



Exquisite 11″” Wood Finish Resin statue of the Celtic Goddess Brigid.

Brigid (Breo Saighead, Brid, Brighid [Eriu], Brigindo, Brigandu [Gaul], Brigan, Brigantia, Brigantis [Briton], Bride [Alba])

Breo Saighead, or the “Fiery Arrow or Power,” is a Celtic three-fold goddess, the daughter of The Dagdha, and the wife of Bres. Known by many names, Brighid’s three aspects are:

(1) Fire of Inspiration as patroness of poetry.

(2) Fire of the Hearth, as patroness of healing and fertility.

(3) Fire of the Forge, as patroness of smithcraft and martial arts.

She is mother to the craftsmen Sons of Tuireann: Creidhne, Luchtaine and Giobhniu. Brighid’s festival is Imbolc, celebrated on or around February 1 when she ushers Spring to the land after An Cailleach’s Winter reign. This mid-Winter feast commences as the ewes begin to lactate and is the start of the new agricultural cycle. During this time Brigid personifies a bride, virgin or maiden aspect and is the protectoress of women in childbirth.

Imbolc also is known as Oimelc, Brigid, Candlemas, or even in America as Groundhog Day.


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