Celtic Rites



Celtic Rites is a training guide of magical Druid practices that honor the Earth, one’s Divinities, the natural Elements and the Ancestors. It provides detailed instruction on how to conduct special Earth and Seasonal Connection Rites that will increase your abilities to perform Arann Druid Magic, pronounce a Geas, conduct Healings, use Divination Stones and Ogham Staves.

Celtic Rites contains a special code of ethics for its practices, called the Fallainrod (the Healthy Path), which are the values and skills needed to improve your life and awaken your hidden psychic abilities. The Fallainrod also provides detailed instruction on how to become a self-initiated Arann Druid, a Druid Ovate (Seer) and a Druid Fallon (Leader/Warrior).

The Magical Path of the Arann Druid is for all people who want to become connected with the energies of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars. The practices in Celtic Rites will be of valuable use to those of all Paths and Traditions who understand the growing importance of honoring, protecting and caring for our Earth.

Written by Robin MacCanna and Edited by Arch Druid Jean Pagano.


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