Cernunnos Wall Plaque



Celtic Horned God Cernunnos Wall Plaque: Stone Finish Resin

15″ in Height designed by Maxine Miller

Cernunnos the male horned god of the Iron age Celts.

Symbol of the Hunter and the Hunted. Also known as Herne the Hunter. Modern Druidry, which derives from Celtic culture, honors Cernunnos in his ancient Celto-European form as the guardian of the forests, the defender of the animal tuatha (tribes), the source of the deep forest wisdom, and the masculine half of creative energy. His restorative work in the cycle of the year is particularly celebrated at Beltaine, and is often paired with one or another of the female deities in her maiden aspect. Druids may call upon him in reference to vital, non-violent masculine divinity.


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