Citrine A Quality 2.25 inch sphere number 3



Our range of large-high-quality crystal spheres…

We prefer to import crystals directly from the mining company. We just started working with a mine in Brazil! This cuts out all the middlemen and re-sellers that add mark up to crystals.

This is A quality Citrine. Beautiful and transparent. BEWARE fake or enhanced Citrine… Cheaper Golden Quartz is often passed off as Citrine. Also, often cheap amethyst is heat-treated to turn the purple color a burned orange… Ours is the real deal from a mine in Mexico.

This is number 3 of 4… Each sphere is unique and you get the one in the picture… We are not like Wish and other online merchants that ship you something that is very different from the picture!!!

Approx 2.75 inches in diameter.

The stand is not included… There is a large range of sphere stands available in the Sphere Stands section.


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