Cosmic Navigator



Cosmic Navigator is an entirely new kind of astrology book that combines ageless personality insights with the deeper archetypal wisdom of Kabbalah, providing readers with answers to many of life’s most important questions: When will I find my soul mate? How do I get along with my Gemini teenager? Where do I fit in this world? Will I ever be a leader? Am I bound to my astrological fate or can I change it?

By marrying the traditional constellations and planets to the mystical lore of Kabbala, Sasson pushes astrology beyond the two-dimensional chart on the page. This thoroughly innovative approach unveils the keys that will allow anyone to access the hidden powers of the twelve signs and use those forces to build a better life, whether they are seeking financial and career opportunities, enhanced intimacy with friends and family, their true love, or drastically improved health.

Based on workshops developed and taught by Gahl Sasson over the past decade, Cosmic Navigator affords readers the thrilling opportunity to learn why they are the way they are, and shows them how to use the potent tools supplied by these spiritual traditions to create purpose, serenity, and a life exactly as they’d like it.


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