Creating Circles and Ceremonies



Creating Circles and Ceremonies is the accumulation of decades of circles,
ceremonies, rituals, Mystery plays, initiations, rites of passage, and other
magickal workings co-created by the Zell-Ravenhearts, today’s foremost
Wizard/Witch couple.

For more than 30 years, Oberon and Morning Glory have traveled widely
throughout the worldwide magickal community—participating in gatherings,
conducting workshops, and creating rituals for groups large and small. They
have met and made Magick with the leaders of many traditions: Celtic
Shamanism, British Dianic, Italian Strega, Welsh Witchcraft, Faerie Trad,
Ceremonial Magick, Ozark Druidry, the New Reformed Order of the Golden Dawn
(NROOGD), Hinduism, Native American tribes, Greek and Egyptian mythology,
and the futuristic Church of All Worlds.


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