Custom Spell Kit to your specifications


Please tell us the background, situation and context of the problem/desire you have… Give us as much detail as you can.


Luna Ignis Spell Consultation and Supply Kit:

You will be prompted to enter free text – please tell us your problem/situation and what you want/need in as much detail as you are comfortable with.

The MoonFire Coven (Luna Ignis) has been running for over thirty years and is of a storied lineage. The High Priestess and Priest have over 70 years magickal combined experience in both witchcraft and Ceremonial Magick. We will gather the best tools, supplies and ingredients from the huge and specialist inventory at Artes And Craft that we think will best help you based on the description of your problem/situation that you give us. We will also write a custom set of detailed instructions on exactly how to perform the spell. We will then ship it to you.

We will not perform the spell for you – only charlatans charge people money online for spells. Instead we will provide our expertise and send you a package with detailed instructions on how to perform the spell yourself.

Spell Kit Disclaimer…

Artes and Craft and Luna Ignis will not be held responsible for the outcome (or lack thereof) of the spell… The risk with any act of magick is that you may think you want something and then later find out you actually didn’t, or really wanted something else entirely. Artes and Craft and Luna Ignis cannot guarantee the outcome of the spell as you will be performing it. Luna Ignis will prepare everything for you personally exactly as they would conduct it themselves if in your situation. We encourage you to focus your intention clearly and firmly as you work through it for the best outcome.


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