Datura Baneful Luminary


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This candle is infused with a safe amount of Datura oil.  Datura can be helpful in dream divination, past life recall, hypnosis, stopping nightmares, and visionary practices.  Datura is a trickster spirit and a shapeshifter, connected to the moon & the nighttime.  Burn during meditation, ritual, & spell work.


Certain herbs have a more sinister reputation that others. This could be because they are toxic, noxious or necrophagic (plants or fungi that grow on dead matter) Many of these plants have medicinal properties, and some are even psychoactive.

Baneful herbs were known as pharmakon in the ancient world and they were revered for their ceremonial use. Like so many things associated with death or consciousness, baneful herbs are also associated with witchcraft.

They have a long list of individual magical correspondences and associated spirits in a addition to being powerful magical catalysts. Candles are one of the most used ritual objects, and these candles allow an alternative way to work with the magic of poisonous plants.

Each 50 hour candle is infused with a safe amount of a baneful botanical. These can be incorporated into spell work and ritual, utilizing the plants entheogenic and vibrational properties.


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