English Hazel and Iron Small Athame Engraved – Elhaz – 7 inches


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English Hazel, gathered by Pat and I from the woodlands of Kent from our trip back to the UK last May!! Hazel is one of the most sought after magickal woods. The famous grimoire, The Key Of Solomon, calls for wands to be made by cutting a virgin (un-cut) Hazel tree at sunrise on midsummer morning. In the old days Hazel was hard to find as it grows in straight “wythies” that are perfect for making baskets, canes and fences… It was therefore super hard to find a “virgin” tree. Hazel grows in the USA, but it is a different species, more of a small bush. The English Hazel is a large nut bearing tree 30 feet high.

The blade is one of our “Cunning Craft” blades… Forged using a railroad spike as a stamp to engrave the Elhaz/Algiz witch rune of protection and mystical powers into the blade on both sides. Sharpened and polished to a mirror finish with a leaf tip!

Hazel is sacred to Mercury, Hermes, Thoth and Odin, lord of Magick, communication, medicine, travel, commerce and all things liminal.

The handle has been oiled with our Luna Ignis annoiting oil.

7 inches total length of which 3 is the blade!


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