English Rowan Wand 11.5in Isolde


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Rowan is arguably the most magickal of the classical woods of cunning craft. There are surviving stories from the Roman occupation of the British Isles of Celts and their magick Rowan staves… Sacred to Mercury, associated with magick and travel.. Old English folk law says that when a rowan stave is crossed with Ash and Hawthorn then the way to the realm of the Fey is opened.

We gather our Rowan from the high moors of Celtic Cornwall, where the beautiful stone circles are. The price reflects that we only have a limited supply to work with each year.

It is also a gloriously pretty wood…. Orange with purple bark and a strong grain.

Use for all works of manifestation, cunning and communication.

I carve and shape my wands to preserve the beauty of the bark and fine grain of the wood, the wand manifests its final shape, typically phallic in nature. My wands are sanded using 8 grades of sandpaper – down to super fine 400 grit which is used in furniture production – so my wands appear shiny as though varnished. The wand was finished by being consecrated in an oil suitable for Mercury, Thoth, Hermes, Odin


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