Hawthorn Wand Large Pans Finger 18inch


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The hawthorn, often known simply as the ‘May Tree’, is naturally enough the tree most associated with this month in many parts of the British Isles. When we read of medieval knights and ladies riding out ‘a-maying’ on the first morning of May, this refers to the flowering hawthorn boughs they gathered to decorate the halls rather than the month itself. For on this day, according to the Old Style calendar that was in use until the 18th century, the woods and hedges were alight with its glistening white blossoms.

In magickal lore of course it is sacred to Beltane and fertility, especially male fertility. Ours is good american Washington Hawthorn gathered at Beltane from around the open brush land near our covenstead.

I carve and shape my wands to preserve the beauty of the bark and fine grain of the wood, the wand manifests its final shape, typically phallic in nature. My wands are sanded using 8 grades of sandpaper – down to super fine 400 grit which is used in furniture production – so my wands appear shiny as though varnished. The wand was gathered traditionally at Beltane from the covenstead and finished by being consecrated in an oil suitable for Sol Invictus and our Summer Solstice incense blend..


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