Hex By Luna Ignis



Luna Ignis Oils are made properly and traditionally. The true witches altar is the hearth. Our oils are made slowly… We use fine herbs and resins, many gathered fresh at the covenstead in Michigan. The herbs and resins are ground finely and then steeped in a base oil (we use several depending on the nature of the deity or blend). The oils sit on the hearth all winter long, warmed by the covenstead fire so the herbs and resins slowly and gently give their essences into the oil. The oils are shaken periodically also. The oils are witness to our rites of Yule, Candlemas, and the Spring Equinox before being ready to be bottled and sold. Our Hex blend uses baneful herbs sacred to Saturn and Hecate (NOT FOR INTERNAL CONSUMPTION!!). Use in baneful works of revenge, turning and blasting.


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