Iron Athame Forged With Lapis Lazuli


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This is our new “Ensorcel”range of hand forged Iron Athames.

Forged from steel… Then using artisan techniques to twist and split the iron. Also finished with our signature “Luna” finish – where ball hammers are used on the flat of the blade to create a cratered effect.

Legend has it that the first blacksmith was Tubal Cain, 7th son of Cain. After the fall Yahweh ordered man to toil the earth by hand, but Tubal had other ideas and soon mankind had tools of iron and there was no more toiling by hand. Iron is therefore a manifestation of our free will and apostasy.

This one has a large Lapis Lazuli set in the pommel! The attractive grip has a double twist.

The Athame is approximately 13 inches long – 5.5 of which is the blade.


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