Jumbo Candles



Perfect for devotional altar candles or long term / elaborate candle magick! These candles are 1.5″ wide and 9″ tall. Each burns for 30 hours!!!! Jumbo candles have the same size base as tea lights – so can be used in tea light sized candle holders. Ceremonial Magicians use these on there altar as color and numerology correspondences: use 6 yellow for the sun, 7 green for venus, 3 black for Saturn, etc. Anoint them with oils created with a magickal intent (Luna Igis oils are perfect for this) – and/or herbs…. Also carve a name/spell/sigils/runes etc onto each one. Use different colors for different intents:

Pink (Venus): Friendship, love

Orange (Mercury): Communication, Creativity, Commerce, Manifestation, Travel, Science and encouragement

Gold (Sun): Financial gain, business endeavors, solar connections

Yellow (Sun): Persuasion, Success, Power, Wealth, Vitality

Green (Venus): Luck, abundance, fertility, Regeneration, Healing

Light Blue (Jupiter): Health, patience and understanding

Dark Blue (Jupiter): Jovality, Generosity, Leadership, Get Rid Of Depression, Mercy, Expansiveness, Banish the unwanted.

Purple (Moon): Dreams, Psychic Powers, Divination, Glamours, Conceal, Bring confusion / deceive enemies.

Brown (Earth): Earth-related or animal-related workings

Black (Saturn): Protection, Banishment, Cursing

White (The ALL / Monad): Purity and truth

Silver (Moon): Reflection, intuition, lunar connections

* Note that in many Pagan traditions, it is acceptable to use a white candle in place of any other color as white contains all colors.

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White, Black, Brown, Purple, Pink, Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow


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