Lightworker Relationships



Can you give too much love?

Lightworkers are sensitive and highly empathic souls who have an innate need to help and heal others. These peaceful supporters of humanity are here to make positive changes and create personal, balanced, and loving human connections.

But many Lightworkers become so caught up in their divine mission to heal that they sometimes overlook the importance of receiving love. Do you find yourself always loving generously and rarely feeling valued? Do you feel you’re always responding to the needs of others? Because of this inner calling to heal, many Lightworkers find themselves in situations that create an endless cycle of sorrow in their own relationships. Eventually these beautiful souls close off their channel to receive love altogether.

Lightworker Relationships: Creating Lasting and Healthy Bonds as an Empath will help you understand how to:

Balance the human and spiritual experience.
Create healthy boundaries in relationships.
Learn to receive love and why it’s essential.
Recognize when you are closing off your own love source.
Live your divine mission but also receive the joy and happiness of healthy human connections.

Written By Sahvanna Arienta


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