Mayapple aka American Mandrake



Sacred to Mercury

American Mandrake / Mayapple IS NOT true Mandrake (Mandragora officinarum). They are two completely different species. True Mandagora is a member of the Tropane Alkaloid family and is very poisonous and hallucinogenic. True Mandrake is therefore sacred to SATURN and has completely different uses.

Mayapple is still a valid and useful magickal and healing herb… But is very different.

Annoyingly many businesses sell Mayapple as “Mandrake”, and if you do not know the difference then you are using the wrong herb.. True Mandrake is wildly expensive and costs over $100 for a piece of root only an inch or two long. SO if you see “Mandrake” for sale at a few bucks an ounce then please know it is most certainly Mayapple… Artes And Craft now sells Mayapple, but we will be clear with you that it is NOT true Mandrake… We are growing some true mandrake this year – it is very difficult to cultivate but if successful we will have some true Madagora for sale at some point.

MAYAPPLE USES IN MAGICK… It protects and wards against illness. It is an excellent herb for protecting items by making them un-noticed… Sprinkle Mayapple root on or around that which you do not wish to be seen, stolen or disturbed. It can be steeped in water and used to protect your house or belongings in the same way by sprinkling the water around that which requires protection. Using it in a mojo bag is also excellent for its protection and anti-theft properties… Leave a Mojo bag of Mayapple in your car or other belongings. Carry a mojo bag of Mayapple with you to ward off illness.

MAYAPPLE USES IN MEDICINE… It is still poisonous so have a care, and pets can react badly to it also… Native Americans used it as a laxative. Its also kills parasitical worms and makes a good natural insecticide.


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