Medium Rough Cornish Serpentine



Serpentine is a metamorphic rock and very unusual as it comes from deep in the earth’s mantel below the crust. It only exists in three places on earth… One of which is the tip of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall of the UK.

Cornish serpentine is very pretty. Often in green with black and white… And more rarely red… And if you are lucky then you can find multi-color pieces,

Cornish traditional Witchcraft talks of “The Serpent Stone” a powerful crystal a witch must find. This is then used by the witch to collect “Sprowl” – the power of the land. The witch charges this power into the crystal and it is then used later to release the charged energy in spell work,

We normally polish our Serpentine as it is very pretty when polished up… But some prefer rough specimines,,,

Pat and I gathered this serpentine from Kennack Cove not far from Lizard Point where rich seams of Serpentine can be seen in the cliff… The action of storms and sea break the rock up and we picked the spiffiest chunks we could find.

This one is approx 4 wide by 3 by 2 inches deep.


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