Merlyn by Luna Ignis



Hand made by skilled initiates for practitioners everywhere… Luna Ignis incense blends use the very finest resins, herbs and woods from all over the world. Each is designed for a specific intent, using using cabalistic and traditional correspondences to ensure the ingredients perfectly align.

MERLYN! For this most mysterious master magician, I wanted a most mysterious blend… And I nailed it, even if I do say so myself.. I wanted something different and off the beaten track. I used Elemi, a yellow sticky resin few have heard of.. Its like working with a pound of fudge, and needs to be melted then slowly poured onto the herbs and woods… Lemon Balm and Lemon grass and fennel seeds are the base… To this we added Peru Balsum, a thick resinoid and very luna and pungent. Also oils of Ravensara, Angelica root, Citrus and Myrtle. Then we added fine quality Palo Santo chips and then poued in the melted Elemi. Then we added gorgeous Gum Dammar, a luna resin that makes plenty of white smoke like the mists of Avalon. And then finished the avalon theme by adding our own wild crafted apple blossoms. Its a powerful and gorgeous blend, and hard to describe! It’s sweet, musky, deep, and smells of the forbidden forest.


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