Mulberry and Iron Athame – Loki


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This is one of our signature “Luna” blades… Where we hit the iron with different sized ball hammers to create craters like the moon. 17 inches overall of which 10″ is the blade.

Mulberry is a very liminal tree, found on the borders of the forests and on the edges of paths and clearings. It is therefore very like Rowan – sacred to Mercury/Hermes/Thoth. Perfect for all works of wisdom, communication and magick. We gathered the Mulberry ourselves at Beltane 2016 and let it season for over a year before carving. It has been sanded to a fine furniture finish and completed with Luna Ignis anointing oil.

The hand forged iron blade has been polished to a mirror finish. Paul is a blacksmith AND a 3rd degree High Priest in a storied Alexandrian lineage coven and a 4th degree in the OTO. Each of his athames are a manifestation of will, he talks and chants to the blade while creating.

Beautiful, 100% handmade and unique.


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