Mulberry and Iron Serpent Athame – Thurisaz


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This is one of our “Serpent” blades… A little wider than usual, pleasingly serpentine and sharp! A ball hammer is used to create the effect of scales… 15 inches overall of which 9″ is the blade.

Mulberry is a very liminal tree, found on the borders of the forests and on the edges of paths and clearings. It is therefore very like Rowan – sacred to Mercury/Hermes/Thoth. Perfect for all works of wisdom, communication and magick. We gathered the Mulberry ourselves at Beltane 2016 and let it season for over a year before carving. It has been sanded to a fine furniture finish and completed with Luna Ignis anointing oil.

The hand forged iron blade has been polished to a mirror finish. Paul is a blacksmith AND a 3rd degree High Priest in a storied Alexandrian lineage coven and a 4th degree in the OTO. Each of his athames are a manifestation of will, he talks and chants to the blade while creating.

Beautiful, 100% handmade and unique.


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