Mulberry Wand 16 inch Amaethon


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Mulberry, like Rowan and Hazel is sacred to Mercury – Lord Of Magick. Mulberry, like Hazel is a liminal tree that likes to grow on the edge of woodlands next to clearings, paths and fields. This liminal nature perfectly suits its mercurial attributes. Mulberry is known as “the wisest of all trees”. Perfect for all magickal works of manifestation, healing, cunning, commerce, travel, and communication. Our wands are hand carved and then sanded with 8 grades of sandpaper – the final being 400 grit which is used for fine furniture making, the wood shines as though polished and varnished. All our wands are consecrated with Luna Ignis Oils and Incense suitable for the god/goddess the wood is sacred to.


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