Odin by Luna Ignis



Hand made by skilled initiates for practitioners everywhere… Luna Ignis incense blends use the very finest resins, herbs and woods from all over the world. Each is designed for a specific intent, using using cabalistic and traditional correspondences to ensure the ingredients perfectly align.

Odin! Nothing is too good for the All Father… So it should be no surprise that this is easily the most expensive costing blend we have yet made in terms of high quality ingredients… We used Boswellia Sacra Superior Frankincense from Oman, also Frankincense Maydi – a strain so fine it is used in St Peters Basilica in the Vatican. We wanted it to be “woodsy” also, of course… SO plenty of Pinon resin, plus fresh cedar tips and nuts that we harvest ourselves. Mistletoe and rosemary herbs with a generous helping of aloes wood, Sandalwood and Sandalwood essential oils and a few other things (we don’t want to give all our secrets away).


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