Odin or Woden & Sleipnir by David Frost




Cold Cast Bronze

10.5 Inches High

In Norse mythology, Odin was the king of the Æsir. He is a god of war and death, as well as a sky god and the god of wisdom and poetry. Along with being a god, he is the All-Father of all the Nordic Gods. He is also heavily associated with magic. Odin rides on an eight-legged horse called Sleipnir, and his famous spear is called Gungnir. He also has a precious arm ring called Draupnir, and two ravens called Hugin and Munin who tell him all the things happening around the world. Odin only has one eye, because he sacrificed one to drink from the fountain of wisdom.

Sleipnir (Norse, “gliding one”) is the legendary eight-legged horse belonging to Odin, the Father-God of the Norse pantheon. Sleipnir carries Odin between the world of the Gods and the world of matter. The eight legs symbolize the directions of the compass, and Sleipnir’s ability to travel through both land and air. spacer  spacer

The eight legs of Sleipnir were probably symbolic of the eight spokes solar wheel, and probably relate to an earlier form of Odin as a sun-god. There is some evidence that Odin himself was at one time anthropomorphized as a horse; Sleipnir’s ability to travel instantaneously associates him with sunlight.

In Norse mythological tales, Sleipnir is the offspring of the God Loki and Svaldifari, the great horse of the Giants. Sleipnir can be compared to the otherworldly horses of Celtic gods such as Manannan Mac Lir and Im Dagda.


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