Phallic Pine Wand With Twist Priapus 12.5in A


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Sacred to Jupiter and Pan, pine is used in workings of expansiveness, benevolence, luck, protection and prosperity (for Jupiter) and male fertility and energy (Pan). Our covenstead backs onto a wonderful woodland of Oak, Pine, Maple, Mulberry, Elder, Mulberry and Birch, and beyond lies an abandoned apple orchard where Apple and Hawthorn can also be found. This 12.5″ Pine wand was created from a large cracked branch that was dangerously close to coming down – we had the limb professionally removed to ensure the health of the tree and stored the wood for making into sacred tools for ritual. After seasoning, this wand was carved and shaped to preserve both the beauty of the bark and wood, sanded to a 400 super fine grit it shines as if varnished. It was consecrated in an anointing oil suitable for the lord of the grey and green.


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