Preseli Blue Stone aka Stonehenge Blue Stone Small Sphere 1.5in number 3



Our range of large high quality crystal spheres…

The stone used to build STONEHENGE!! We import ours directly from England! Available in wands and small spheres too! Why did the ancients cut and drag this stone from south west Wales, and haul it 200 miles across hills, rivers, swamps, and forests before the wheel? No one knows! But obviously it was incredibly special to them!

These are real 1.5/8 inch polished specimens from the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire Wales.

This is number 3 of 5. Each sphere is unique and you get the one in the picture… We are not like Wish and other online merchants that ship you something that is very different from the picture!!!

Not super cheap, but that’s because Preseli Blue Stone is only found in the Preseli Hills in Wales and is in short supply. It is also very hard to polish and we have to import it from England which is expensive!

Approx 1.5/8 inches in diameter.

The stand is not included… There is a large range of sphere stands available in the Sphere Stands section.


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