Reincarnation Plain & Simple



From ancient roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Greek philosophy to more modern conceptions of rebirth found in popular culture, the notion that the soul can be reborn is a prevalent belief that continues to fascinate. That fascination inevitably results in a number of questions, including:

How does our day-to-day life impact our future existences?
Who were we before we were born?
How do we find out about our previous incarnations?
This practical guide attempts to answer these questions and much more. The Godlys provide step-by-step instructions for accessing information about our previous lives and explore the four main methods of learning about past lives:

Psychic readings
Spontaneous recall
They also explore how reincarnation can clue us in to re occurrences of relationships, lingering memories, and even health problems.

This is a refreshing and simple introduction to a topic that has intrigued seers, sages, and mystics for centuries. It entertains, enlightens, and informs.

Written By Krys and Joss Godly


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