The Magickal Family



A hands-on guide to raising a magickal family in the modern world

The Magickal Family is a real-life guide for those who want to practice magick and simplicity but need a little nudge to take a break from the workaday world. Filled with tips, ideas, stories, and projects to bring you and your family closer to nature and to celebrate the God and the Goddess, this book shows how to be true to your magickal self while raising little Witchlings—or helping others with theirs. Discover how to create the life you want through gardening, Kitchen Witchery, DIY projects, and celebrations based on the Wheel of the Year. Includes more than 65 rituals, blessings, recipes, crafts, and activities, including:

Favorite Fruit Mix
Shoebox Altar
Children’s Garden Hideaway
Felted Wool Faerie Hat
Backyard Vision Quest
Moon Calendar
Green Man Salve
Witch’s Thanksgiving Prayer
Book of Shadows Blessing
Rhubarb Earl Grey Tea Jam
Cauldron of Wisdom Ritual
Sylph Wish Kite
Plantain Healing Spell
Easy Laundry Detergent
Lip Balm
Poetry Masks
Let Me Sleep Tea Blend
And Much More
Written By Monica Crosson


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