The Philosopher’s Stone



In the mid-1930s, Israel Regardie had an insight into understanding alchemical writings. The result was The Philosopher’s Stone, where he analyzed three 17th-century alchemical works symbolically, psychologically, and via magickal energy.

Now, famed occultists Chic and Tabatha Cicero bring this book into the 21st century. The original is completely reproduced here. The Hebrew transliterations have been updated with modern styles and the text is fully annotated and explained. Added are these new features:

New introduction
New illustrations
Biographical dictionary
Resource list
Plus, six new original articles
“The Spiritual Alchemy of the Golden Dawn,” by Chic Cicero
“Intro to Alchemy: A Golden Dawn Perspective,” by Mark Stavish
“Basic Alchemy for the Golden Dawn” and “Golden Dawn Ritual Method and Alchemy,” by Samuel Scarborough
“The Elixir of the Sun,” by Steven Marshall
“Solve Et Coagula: The Wedding of Sol and Luna,” by the Ciceros


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