The Psychic Handbook



A psychic healer, tells you what it’s like to be psychic. Betty Balcombe’s visualization and meditation techniques help you gain comfort with-and control of-your psychic powers. She describes how to use divination, the tarot, pendulums, dowsing rods, dreams and symbols, premonitions, automatic writing, and other techniques to develop psychic ability. You also learn how to see a person’s aura to determine health or emotional conditions, and how to clear the aura of disturbances. The greatest gift a psychic can cultivate is the ability to heal, and Balcombe discusses this in detail; how to use touch, “laser,”and absent healing, as well as spirit energy group healing, and the value of crystal healing. She relates her belief in past lives as pockets of experience that add to our soul’s wisdom and knowledge. Balcombe’s book helps us gain spiritual awareness and a clearer understanding of life’s purpose.


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