The Treasure House of Images



The Treasure House of Images was composed by Captain, later Major General J. F. C. Fuller, one of Aleister Crowley’s most important disciples and a leading military theorist of the twentieth century. Fuller was the author of The Star in the West and a principal editor of The Equinox.

The Treasure House of Images is an exquisite work containing hymns to the signs of the Zodiac and the Sun. In Crowley’s Confessions, he described it as some of the most remarkable prose ever written and an astonishing achievement in symbolism. This edition is enhanced by contributions from a number of modern magical writers including David Cherubim, whose introduction places the work in its historical context and discusses its symbolism and use as a manual of Pathworking. Nancy Wasserman offers expanded practical instructions for Astral Travel, and provides an example for designing an actual Pathworking. Lon Milo DuQuette’s foreword to this new edition places all this in context. We have also included Crowley’s masterpiece, Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae, in which specifics for developing the Body of Light are detailed.


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