Wheel Of The Year Plaque Bronze Finish




Product Size: 11″ x 1″ x 11″

Designed by Maxine Miller

The Celts did not measure the passing of time with a calendar. Their sense of the years was circular, marked at the quarters and cross-quarters by seasonal festivals. This beautifully detailed plaque by Maxine Miller depicts the cycles of nature in plant forms arrayed around spokes denoting the festivals. Wood-finish resin plaque has eight hooks in the back, so you can turn it as the year turns.

The symbolism of the “turn of the Wheel” is represented by the bounty of Nature’s growth and harvest through the seasons of the year. A unique feature of this piece is a circle of eight hooks on the back that allows the plaque to be “turned” with the changing of the Season allowing it to appear on top of the Wheel of the Year.


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