Willow Keppen With Fork 5


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Sacred to all Luna Goddesses, Willow is a much loved sacred tree. It is strongly associated with the Element of water – which it always grows close to. There is a strong possibility the word, “Willow” is closely related to the terms “Wicce, Witchcraft, and wicker”. Willow is associated with Witches and there is also a connection of wicker with the Druids. Since the etymology of “Wicce” means to bend it is reasonable to make the connection between the two. Some American tribes also refer to the Willow as “The whispering one”. We have a large pond at the covenstead which is blessed with several wonderful willow Trees. Our Willow keppens were gathered responsibly at the Autumn Equinox, the tree was blessed and thanked. After seasoning, This keppen was carved and shaped to preserve both the beauty of the bark and wood, sanded to a 400 super fine grit it shines as if varnished. These keppens should be used for all moon magick workings. This keppen has been oiled and consecrated with Luna Ignis oil and incense suitable for the Luna Goddesses.


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