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The Master Book of Herbalism


Outstanding in its completeness, The Master Book of Herbalism fulfills a need that has long been felt by students of the magickal arts. In his sincere and gentle manner, Paul brings over 15 years experience as he writes about:

  • the medicinal use of herbs, including illustrations of plants easily found in the wild
  • history and religious lore - specific background information on individual herbs
  • herb gathering and storage - the magickal way
  • the herbalist as a magickal practitioner
  • incenses, oils, amulets, elixirs, balms and fluid condensers - detailed information on how to create them
  • herbs and their relationship with gemstones, etc.
  • herbal links with astrology and the tarot
  • rituals - the use of herbs in seasonal festivals, initiations, handfastings, purifications, etc.