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Black Witches Salt Made With Anvil Dust and Forge Ash


Why is our Black Salt special??.... Well, most folks make theirs with activated charcoal or ash from a fire. 

Ours is made with Anvil Dust plus soot and ash from our forge. Blacksmithing is an ancient and magickal practice. Our forge is used exclusively to make athames, bolines, burins, torcs, stangs, iron wands and other tools of witchcraft forged by a practicing pagan and witch. Anvil dust is a hard to find but highly sought after ingredient for spell craft. You won't find many. if any, other places that sell black witches salt made with Anvil dust and ash from a working pagan forge!

Black salt is used for protection, warding, hexing and absorbing negative energy. Anvil Dust is a key ingredient in hoodoo spell powders such as Goofer Dust.