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Sassafras Root Bark Cut


Solar Herb - Sassafras can be used as a positive energy generator by simply placing in a bowl on altar or furniture.

It can be mixed with Luna herbs for dream pillows or to help with positive energy and psychic powers.

Helps with finding lost items.

Sassafras is known primarily as a medicinal herb to the American Indians and, later, to the Europeans, who shipped great quantities to the UK. The leaves could be made into teas and poultices, while the root bark was either chipped or crushed and then steeped in boiling water—one ounce of bark to one pint of water—and taken in doses of a wine glassful as often as needed to reduce fevers; soothe chronic rheumatism, gout, and dropsy; relieve eye inflammation; ease menstrual and parturition pain; help cure scurvy and various skin conditions; and act as a disinfectant in dental surgery. Because it was thought to be a blood purifier and effective against excess mucus discharge, the plant was even regarded as a cure for syphilis and gonorrhea.

Poisonous in large doses!