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  • Lightening Blasted Apple and Copper Athame Large - Aphrodite


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    This is one of our gorgeous "Aphrodite Athames" - a large heavy copper blade, detailed with a few hammer marks, then polished to a mirror finish. Copper is sacred to Venus! Copper is also very expensive and difficult to work with, which is reflected in the price.

    The hand carved handle is Apple which is sacred to the divine feminine. It is traditionally associated with Venus, and the goddess - if you cut an apple in half the core makes a pentacle! Apple is associated with love, and Venus with love, lust, healing and luck. Apple is a pretty pinkish wood and we have learned a technique to leave a little of the bark and under bark on, which makes a gorgeous finish. The handle is hand carved and then sanded to a fine furniture finish and oiled with our Luna Ignis "Lilith" anointing oil.

    The apple handle is also "lightening blasted" - we did a trade with some ladies at detroit pagan pride a few years back who wanted some of our Luna Ignis incense... They had some branches from their apple tree that had been struck by lightening... You can see the burn and scorch marks on the handle and also surface cracks! Very cool and powerful!

    Note the crack is only a surface crack and does not effect the integrity of the handle. In fact it is part of its charm and power!

    The Athame is approximately 12 inches long - 6 inches of which is the blade.