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Pine and High Carbon Steel Athame - IRE


Another unique blade from Tubal's Forge! This one started life as a rail road spike. Its very magickal to re-purpose and re-use.... And this blade once supported countless millions of people and their dreams and goods as they traveled across this great continent of ours by train. Therefore we named it "IRE" - Latin for "To Go". The spike was high carbon steel - the hardest of all steels and used for making swords and cutting tools. It took 4 hours of hammering - and then that long again to grind and polish the blade. It is polished to a mirror finish - but still has a few small pits and hammer marks - which I choose to leave so that you know it was forged rather than machine made. The handle is pine from our covenstead - and consecrated with abramelin oil. The athame is 13 inches in length. The beautiful polished copper sleeve is also by design, copper is sacred to Venus and Iron to Mars, the iron tang of the blade penetrates the copper sleeve, so the male and female are conjoined in one.