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  • Apple and Iron Boline - Rhiannon


    This is one of our hand forged Iron Bolines. We use a large drum mandrel to bend the hot Iron to create a perfect Luna crescent. Some blades are then patterned with special texturing hammers, other smooth with a few hammer marks as these are all hand made not machine produced! The blade is then sharpened and polished to a mirror finish. 

    This one has our popular new "Ripple" finish - which looks like ripples on water.

    The "Witch Rune" Elhaz has been carved into the back of the handle.

    The hand carved handle is Apple which is sacred to Venus/Aphrodite, the goddess of love, healing and regeneration. Many Venus herbs are important for recovery and healing - so a good choice for a boline! And apple is gorgeous - the under barck is red with gorgeous swirls and colors and a pretty pink toned wood!

    The Boline is approximately 14 inches long - 8 of which is the blade.