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Hazel Wand With Hoofed End Clavis 15 A


Sacred to Mercury, Lord of Magicks. Hazel is one of the premier magikal trees specified in the old Grimoires for summoning and controlling spirits. Wand lore from books such as "The Key Of Solomon The King" say that a withe of virgin hazel (a branch that is only a year old) should be cut at the exact moment of sunrise on midsummer day with a single swipe by a sword. We did indeed cut our Havel at midsummer in the woodland behind our covenstead. Hazel is liminal - and so grows on the boundary between woodland and open ground - Mercury is of course also a liminal god - and traditional witchcraft should be practiced at liminal places such as the sea or lakeshore, in forest clearings, the top of hills, etc. My wands are sanded using 8 grades of sandpaper - down to super fine 400 grit which is used in furniture production - so my wands appear shiny as though varnished. The wand was finished by being consecrated in an oil suitable for Mercury and our Luna Ignis Summer Solstice incense blend. 15" in length