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Apple Keppen with Fork


Sacred to Venus/Aphrodite/Freya, especially the love and lusty side of Venus, Apple is perfect for workings of love, attraction, fertility, lust and healing and regeneration. 

Keppens are mini wands - they come from Traditional English Witchcraft - they are easily concealed in the palm of the hand or carried in the pocket or purse - and so are very portable and perfect for working magick in public without being noticed.

I carve and shape my keppens to preserve the beauty of the bark and fine grain of the wood, the wand manifests its final shape. My keppens are sanded using 8 grades of sandpaper - down to super fine 400 grit which is used in furniture production - so my keppens appear shiny as though varnished. The keppen was  finished by being consecrated in an oil suitable for Venus, Freya and Aphrodite.